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Ganga Aunty Sex Story

I am Anil. Quiet a new man to the keralaerotica site. It is very much glad to know that in our small God’s own country, there is a website for sharing sexual experience and ecstasy. I am really thankful to the publishers of this gorgeous site.

I am from central Travancore. To be exactly from Thiruvalla a place has got an import in the map of Kerala and in the psyche of Malayalis. Actually I was shameful to divulge my sexual experience in to a wide public. But when I went through the stories (I don’t know whether live stories or not) in the site, I decided to unveil my mind for the readers of this marvelous site.

This story may be a little bit embarrassing and unbelievable for the readers. But believe me this is a real stuff I elicited from my life. I was the only child of my parents and was a pet of my matriarchal family because my mother was the eldest and I was the first grandson to my grand parents and nephew to my mother’s sister. Though I was staying with my parents and studying there in Thiruvalla, I used to stay at my mothers home at Baranikkavu, near Mavelikkara during the vacation times.

One summer vacation arrived with its charming beauty. I was studying then. One week after the examination was over, my grand papa came to our house to take me to mother’s house. It was a real delight for me to accompany him to mother’s home at Bharanikkavu. Because my maternal home was in a big compound of four acres of land and there was a pond and many trees bearing different kinds of fruits (like Mango, Cashew, etc.). During the days at Bharanikkavu I will be very busy in roaming over the vast compound doing some naughty deeds.

That day we both reached my mother’s home with my dresses and all. There was a feast waiting for me. And my Madhavi grandma and Ganga cheriamma(Auntie) was on the doorstep waiting for me. When seeing them I ran towards them and hugged them all. They took me to home and all asked me about my examinations, my parents, my grand parents at father’s side etc. After dinner at 9.30 p.m., all went to sleep. I was taken to my Ganga Cheriyamma’s room for sleeping. She was staying in my mother’s home since my grand parents got only two daughters. Her husband was in Dubai for employment.he visited home once only in two or almost two years. Ganga Cheriamma was very cute and a perfect typical keralaite beauty (I was not conscious about women’s any beauty or charm ness at all by that time.). She was only 32 then. We were both sleeping in a room located at the extreme west end of the house. Before going to bed she took me to bathroom for pissing. I just unloaded my burden there. Ganga Cheriamma also took a comfortable position in the bathroom besides me and avoided the stock in her bladder. It was such a nice view to watch, I still remember. I naughtily kept my index finger on nose to tease her. She shyly pretended as to hit me. So I just laughed and got away from her hands’ reach. She after her pissing took a mug of water and cleaned her genitals. Then she led me to our room to sleep by holding my hand.

This was our routine. A few days after, one night, I woke up suddenly after a small nap. I think it was only after one hour we went to bed. I heard some unusual sounds. As I looked the origin of, I could understand that the sound was produced by my Ganga Cheriamma. I could have a look of her since the full lunar was very magnanimous to extend his milky rays in to the room through the glass window. I saw her saree was piled up above her waist and her right hand moving swiftly at her pelvic area. She was shuddering and spasm was going though all her body. I scared to see that because she was as a bad spirit entered in her. Those days I was familiar with such granny stories. So all at once I jumped up from the cot and made a crying sound. This brought back Ganga Cheriamma in to the real world. She as soon as seen me staring her in a fearful manner. She switched on the light and hugged me to console me. At this moment too I was afraid to her.

She tried to make me calm. She was all in fear. When, my grand ma and grandpa came to the room. They also heard the voice I made. They asked her what happened. She replied that “he must have had any nightmare”. They also said me not to worry. So they returned to their bedroom. Then she latched the room door and approached me. I was still staring her. She was little bit panic. She asked me “why you yelled?” I was surprised to see her normal. I answered that she only made me cry. Then she hugged me and asked me “what did you see?” I could not answer. Then she advised me not to tell this to anyone else what I have seen. I got some courage and asked what happened her and why to conceal it from others. She again hugged me in reply without saying anything. When she ventured to switch the light off I stopped her and was again in fear. Then she understood that I was in deep fear of her. So she again tried to sooth me with consolations and hugging. She feared lest I will tell it to somebody else. So she asked me whether I have seen something her doing. I reluctantly as asker her “what she was doing at her pelvic region with hands and why she shuddered?” She knew that I have seen all her activities. So she tried to make me understand about the incident. She told me it was a secret that she was doing and not to tell anyone else. Otherwise she will be in big trouble. I again asked “what is the secret?” She was all in a quagmire. She could understand and she will not be in a position to recover from it without convincing me (she must have cursed that moment).

She switched off the tube light and put on the bedroom lamp. I still hesitated to bed with her. She told me not to worry and all matured women are doing such activities. I asked her why? And said I have not seen anybody doing this.
Ganga Cheriamma: Dear, Every mature women do this, but secretly
Myself: What is the secret?
Ganga Cheriamma: “Appu, you don’t know about such big things and now needn’t to know about that. When you grow up you will come to know about all these.”
Myself: “why should I grow to know that? And why can’t I know now”
Ganga Cheriamma: “this is such a big matter, and don’t divulge it to others will be better”
Myself: “why don’t others know about? You only tell me right now everyone does this”
Ganga Cheriamma: “Shooooo……. How can I make him understand about that? It’s my curse or what else?”

She again said not to say this to anyone else. Then I threatened her to divulge it to everyone or otherwise she has to tell me about the secret. She understood that her fell in to hell was imminent. She told me that it is a sin to know about that. I again threatened her. When, Ganga Cheriamma in a desperate mood told me that what she was doing for a sort of pleasure. “What pleasure?” I asked. “You don’t know that pleasure since you are a child only”. “Oh, no I want to know that pleasure right now” I told. “You are a child, small boy. You are not supposed to know about that pleasure” she told. I insisted that I want to know about that and what pleasure can be generated by rubbing that area. She told me that it is a kind of ecstasy that both women and men getting in rubbing their genitals. I asked “whether I will also get that ecstasy in doing that?” “Yes you will also get it, but not now only when you grown up” she told me. I told her that I too want to feel that pleasure. It is not fair children getting some sort of pleasure” she told me. I insisted her, and I again intimidated her. She at last told me that “I will try to make you feel that pleasure, but on only condition that I should not to tell any thing to anyone else about it”. She asked me whether you know about the relation between married men and women. I said “no”. She then told me that all married men and women have a mystic relation in the bedroom. I innocently asked “what relation Cheriayamma?” She told me that is the relation in order to produce offspring. I was all in wonder to hear it. I asked her “whether she has such relation with her husband?” ‘Yes’ she replied. I then asked “why they don’t have any children?” “It’s a fate” she told me. By now she tried to divert the talk and turn the lamp off. But I was adamant. I didn’t let her anything to do her desire.

I insisted her more to tell about the pleasure as she told a little before. She knew that she has no escape. She asked me whether you have seen a woman’s genital. I said “no”. “You want to see that” she asked me. I didn’t respond. She took my hand in hers’ and asked me to promise not to tell anyone what she is teaching me there. I immediately did as she said. She then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and trousers. I was completely nude then and with a frantic look. My male organ was there like a piece of rubber. She slowly took it to her hand and slowly rubbed on it and moved the fore skin slowly up and down. I felt titillation and I giggled. She was then in an exquisite mood. She took my rubbery in to her mouth and stroked slowly with her tongue. I felt something inexplicable. As she done this I felt my penis getting a weight. When she drew back I was surprised to see that my little boy was like a 3.5” choke piece. She smiled at me and told me that “you are a naughty”.

She then started to put off her saree slowly. When it slid off her body I could see her beautifully shaped breast in jacket. She then untied all rest, one by one. When she unraveled her underskirt I saw her milky legs and thighs fully covered by the thick dark-blue hair. I had no sense of it that time. Later when I was able to get more exposure on sexual life and women, only I came to know about the body hair of women. She was in a black bra and Rose panties. She lied on her back keeping her thighs apart. Then she took me to between her legs and caressed my body. She whispered me “see your Aunty in full” then she took my hand to her bosoms and told me to press them gently. I did so. A bit later she smiled at me and asked” have you ever seen a lady’s most valuable treasure?” I said no. She then untied her bra and panties. She told me that “this is the thing that a lady is primarily concerned for” the treasure they hiding between legs. I innocently asked “why that is” she replied me “because of ecstasy we get while paying on those organs. Then she briefly narrated me bout the “secret” alliance between men and women.

Then she advised me to play with her “omanakkutty”. So I focused my attention to her vulva. Her genital was covered so thick with long hairs. I think their length was 4 inches. I curiously placed my hand on my “kunjamma”. Pulled the hairs and my fingers were buried like in the forest. I asked her why she has so much hair there. She told me that mature women have hair all around their private part. While I was playing on her “beauty” she was reclining on a pillow placed on the rail of the cot, with a hushed smile. She asked me to ride my hand well in the bush. When I moved my hand down my fingers explored a crotch which was wet, inside the bush. I asked her whether she got an injury over there and it is bleeding, for that she laughed a lot as she got mad. I was all in shy then. After the mad laugh she hugged me. Then she told that is the way to heaven. I was all in doubt. So she made it clear. She told me that the way men insert their cock in to for getting the heavenly pleasure. She then kept her legs up and with one hand she took the caught of my “king” and rubbed him on her crotch. That rippled me. After a little while I got feeling like I slipped in to pool. That feeling made me partly unconscious. But I could hear her moaning and hissing. I thought that I was in a chariot, flying in the sky. ‘Yes’ really I was in a chariot. Whole the while, she was moving her waist in a circular motion. I knew that something is forming on my pelvic area and there was thunderstorm in my brain. I afraid, that I am going to explode. I screamed loudly but my voice went in to deaf ears. She was holding me all tightly to her body. I felt something erupting inside my scrotum and like hot lava passing through my dick. The room was reverberating like in tremors. After a little while everything went in to calm. It was as if after a stormy mad rain. We continued in that still position for a little further time, all in sweat, like took a bath. A just time after she parted me from her and examined my ‘little play boy’ in the bedroom lamp. He was like a lifeless worm and bathed all in a sort of sticky pale gum. She devoted a sweet kiss on my lips and covered us with a blanket.

When I woke up next day my Ganga Cheriamma was in front of me with a cup of hot coffee in her hand. There was boy sun shining behind her but he seemed to me dark as compared to her shining face.
We continued our secret in nights full long that vacation. When the vacation was over I hesitated to go back home. I still remember both us were crying as I bid her a short separation. But when ‘Onam’ vacation neared she was taken to Dubai, to her hus’s place. Slowly I forgot all the matters and I continued my studies in ‘Ootty.’ It took almost 8 long years to meet with my sweet aunty again. I will tell you about that in another occasion. Hope you enjoyed my experience.

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