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Revenge of Wife on Cheating husband (STORY)

My name is Vasantha, 28 years, 5’8”, 55 kgs., thin (or petite), shoulder length hair, average looking but not bad looking at all, educated (I.I.T –Mumbai--- B.Tech in Electronics) , medium boobs and big dark areolas with a pointed pinchable nipples, narrow waist, well rounded buttocks and long tapering legs. I am the 4th of 6 children born to a middle class family. From a young age I was always interested in mechanical things like radio, T.V., watch etc.. and used to dismantle and repair the same. The interest stayed and I was always tops in school, finally landing in I.I.T.. Otherwise I am or was a very ordinary girl with middle class conservative values. I dress average in salwar kameez or saris or shirts and jeans, never visited a beauty parlor nor did any facials till the date of marriage. I had the same dreams as others of being married to a decent guy and settling down for a happy married life. I was always considered too tall and there were a few friends who recommended that I try modeling but I was a shy person and never felt that I was beautiful enough for the art world.

After studies I started working for a computer firm in Bangalore and within a couple of years was considered a whiz kid and promoted as manager. I did attend parties etc but always stayed within limit and guys and gents did realize my reserve nature and stayed away from me. I was shy of guys and probably I think guys thought I was a nerd so I never had any guy following me.

At age 26, my parents received a good proposal for me from a 30 years old financial guy, C.A, tall about 6’0”, fair, 70 kgs.,well athletic built, curly hair, handsome actor like and my friends were filled with envy at my getting married to such an handsome looking guy. The proposal and marriage all happened within a month and I did not have much time to interact with him than to see and meet him once. I was swayed by his looks. His name was Suresh. I wondered on what he saw in me to marry me. I was in love with him from the time my eyes fell on him. He introduced me to sex. The first night I was feeling very nervous, shy and frightened. I could feel his proximity as he sat near me and made me feel very comfortable by starting small talks and within a matter of hours, I was well into him. We laughed and talked till the early hours and finally after he embraced me and kissed me we fell asleep. No sex the first night. Early morning, when I woke up, he had taken a bath and had coffee ready at my bedside and was looking at me. I was taken in by his good nature and could not believe that he would be such a nice guy. I got up and he sat beside me and we both had coffee. Our talks veered to sex and I found myself passionately kissing this handsome guy. I was melting in his hands and he slowily removed his clothes and mine and started kissing me from top to bottom. He fondled my face, boobs, my waist, my legs and finally was kissing my vagina. He was constantly admiring and loudly proclaiming about my beauty and the perfect body parts I had. I have a hairy, bushy vagina and while kissing it he said, he would like to trim and shave my choot. Now I found his actions very erotic and felt like in paradise. I was enjoying his expert manipulations of my body and when he sucked my cunts, I had my first orgasm. My body shivered and I let loose by shouting aloud ah……….. My hands were pressing his head to my choot and he was busy sucking my vaginal lips, inserting his tongue in my opening and also a couple of his fingers were playing with my choot. After some time, I could feel once again the sensuous pleasure building up in me. He realized it and then came over on top of me. Positioning his Penis (lund) on my choot, he started entering it. My cunt was well lubricated and I was completely open for him. As the lund forced its way in, I could feel that my choot was completely filled with his rod and then I felt a deep searing pain. I shouted, asked him to stop. He slowed down, kissed me and said –‘darling, don’t worry’ and suddenly inserted his lund with a shove. I could feel something tearing in me. The pain and the pleasure were both simultaneous and even though my eyes did release a couple of tear drops due to the pain, I was enjoying the massive organ within me. He relaxed and then started fucking me. Initially, I was hesitant and alert on any further pain but slowly his pumping became a pleasure and I started matching his pumping rhythm. My long legs were wrapped around his butts. He saw my tear drops and licked it and then we were kissing as he increased his fucking rhythm. I could feel him within me and I was in the throes of pleasure. I finally could not control and came again strongly. My shouts of my orgasm seems to have triggered more excitement in him and he continued fucking. I was feeling tired at all the pleasure I had and wanted him to slow down but he was still very hard and active. He fucked me royally and finally we came together. We relaxed and when I looked down, I saw that my cunt had blood around it and his limp lund also was covered with blood. I looked at him and savored his face and body. He kissed me and we talked. Later we went to the bathroom where he bathed me and cleaned me up and I did the same to him. That was the first time I saw a hard erect lund and he introduced me to oral sex, how to suck lund and finally swallow the cum. We spent our honeymoon mostly in bed as I was in throes of my passion and I finally realized how enjoyable sex is and he seemed to enjoy my companionship. He was all a women could ask for, good looking, well educated, good conversationalist and absolutely caring. We spent a week enjoying and then returned back to Bangalore.